Customizing Your Own Wedding Invitations


Wedding, being an event that everyone looks forward into, becomes very sophisticated especially if everybody surrounding the couple-to-be awaits it. Knowing how to create custom invitations all aspect must be perfectly prepared for, including the selection of guests, menus to be served, wedding’s ceremony and venue of reception, and don’t forget the theme of the wedding that can be portrayed in wedding invitations.

Wedding invitation can be pre-ordered from wedding organizers or from shops specializing in making invitation cards. If you want to have a more personalized invitation, customizing your wedding invitation is highly encouraged. Making your invitation lets you come up with your preferred design, color, size and text fonts to use. You can also add some accents such as ribbon or another lined envelope to add some elegance.

Below are some Tips for creating custom invitations
Color – use text color that will jive with your envelope’s design . The standard color of texts is a bold black ink, but a variation of ink colors can also be used to connect the design and styles.
Text font styles – wedding invitations usually use font styles that look like an actual handwriting, such as Lucida Handwriting, Lucida Calligraphy, Monotype Corsiva and the like. This option provides a more personalized effect on the texts since it is like handwriting. The choice of font style depicts the level of formality of the event, so be sure to pick the right one that will best fit your wedding theme.
Envelope – choosing the right envelope may depend on the personal taste of the couple-to-be. If a highly designed envelope is more preferred, then a foil-lined envelope may be the best option. Otherwise, choose lined envelope for a simpler one.
A wedding invitation is the first thing that could reflect how a wedding will look like. It sets the tone and relays the idea of what theme should the guest expects in the event. Therefore, extra care must be put into the making of this invitation.

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